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H-H Record without disabling accidents
Our company maintains a record in the man hours without incapacitating accidents, accumulating in the last 5 years 1,221,766 hours worked without accidents. This evidences the managerial commitment and of all our workers in matter of industrial safety and occupational hygiene, creating and fomenting a Culture of prevention of accidents and occupational diseases to achieve our goals, thus maintaining our reactive indicators (IFN, IFN and ISV) in "zero" and working day by day in our proactive indicators to preserve the physical and mental health of our workers, through lectures, inspections by area, inspections of equipment, machinery and tools, management inspections disclosures of procedures, disclosures of ART, implementation of PTS, execution of simulations and notifications of risks per job and installation.

SIAHO Recognition
The company has worked with many clients, among which we can mention PDVSA, Petroperijá, Petroboscán, Chevron Texaco, among others, and in each one of the projects we have carried out with these companies we have been recognized in Industrial Safety, Occupational Hygiene and Environment , Since the goal of zero (0) accidents and zero (0) occupational diseases has been met. Sample of this are the plaques, awards, certificates, and forums that the company has received.

Motivational Plans / Recreational Activities
In accordance with our Venezuelan legislation, specifically in the LOPCYMAT, the company watches for the rest and tourism of the workers, and for that it makes motivational plans, such as sports games, visits to farms with swimming pools, breakfasts, Christmas lunches, delivery Of recognitions to the worker, insurance of the works, raffle of gifts.

Occupational Health
Currently the company has a health and safety service integrated by the occupational physician and our SIAHO personnel, in charge of ensuring the health of our workers, medical examinations of entrance, pre / post vacacional egress and special examinations are carried out according to the Risks to which they are exposed, in addition to keeping records of common diseases, occupational diseases, epidemiological surveillance and morbidity. In addition, we carry out medical days for hypertension, vaccination, diabetes screening and obesity for all our workers.

Social Environmental Development
Our company has developed an environmental training and education program for our workers  and communities based in the area of direct influence of the administrative and operational activities we carry out, in order to motivate and sensitize people to achieve favorable behavior towards caring for the environment, promoting the participation of all in the solution of environmental problems and also with the purpose of reducing the impact of anthropogenic activities on the environment. In addition, the company participates in cleaning, conditioning and recovery of spaces such as squares, outpatient clinics, schools, and  also grants and / or donations to schools and adjacent communities.

Coaching and Training
Our  company has developed a program of training and certification training,  all our qualified personnel (electricians, liners, crane operators,  riggers, earth moving equipment operators) is duly certified by CIED  PDVSA and / or companies Approved by this entity, in order to ensure the safe execution of activities. On  the other hand, our work supervisors are also formed by CIED PDVSA and  other companies approved by this entity to sign work permits, H2S,  excavations and confined spaces. In  addition, all our workers are given a workshop upon entering the  company where they are given a basic safety induction, consisting of the  following topics: selection, use and maintenance of PPE, hazard  identification wheel, security based on values ​​and Dangerous processes associated with the work to which it belongs. Training  in the field if it is daily through lectures of preventive and  informative types, disclosures of risk analysis (ART) and operational  procedures, safe work practices (PTS) and development of observation  cards.
Currently in the company several workshops, training and lectures have been given in relation to the Quality Management System (QMS) as for example: Requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, methodology to address risk and opportunities, methodology for the registration of non-conformities and corrective actions, analysis of the organizational context and interested parties, among others. Additionally, our staff has been trained in assertive communication, motivation in times of change, leadership, team work, stress management, which allows us to keep our human talent motivated and much more committed to achieving the organization's goals. and specializations have also been made abroad.
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H-H Record without disabling accidents.
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Occupational Health.
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Coaching and Training.

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Updated on January 29 2020
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