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It is the commitment of Latinoamericana de la Construcción, SA, to provide services of Construction Engineering and Maintenance of Projects in the Oil and Industrial area, mainly oriented to the civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation disciplines, with high levels of Quality, ensuring compliance of the legal and regulatory requirements and of the interested parties, based on the permanent analysis of the Organizational Context, the strategic direction, qualified personnel and the Continuous Improvement of the Quality Management System.
 German Wolter
Managing Director

LATICON S.A. is committed to protecting and maintaining the environment, seeking the highest quality of its services through respect and conservation of the same through sustainable development and implementation of an environmental management system, for this we adopt the following commitments:
- Comply with national and international laws, regulations and standards related to the control and protection of the environment.
- Protect and maintain the environment for the benefit of itself and the future world. So that the workers enjoy a life and a safe environment, healthy and ecologically balanced.
- To promote, generate, develop and consolidate in the citizens knowledge, skills and attitudes to contribute to the transformation of society.
- Develop training and awareness plans for workers on the obligations and responsibilities inherent to the environment or environment that conditions the life circumstances of people and society and to participate in the system and the surveillance to make these policies effective.
- Reduce or eliminate sources of pollution that are or may cause harm to living beings.
- Prevent, regulate and control activities capable of degrading the environment.
- The company is committed to communicate this policy at all levels, providing the necessary resources to comply with it, this policy being the responsibility of each and every one of us.
 German Wolter
 Managing Director

The operations of LATICON, S.A., are carried out under strict guidelines of Industrial Safety, Environment and Occupational Hygiene, considering the risks and the preventive measures existing in the development of our activities, in order to guarantee a high level of physical and mental health, recreational activities, use of leisure time, rest and social tourism, prevention of occupational accidents and diseases of all our human resources, giving participation to people with work disabilities and apprentices, with the purpose of guaranteeing the full development of their capacities.
 German Wolter
Managing Director

Brunch Offices:
Km. 7 Vía El Mojan, Zona Industrial Norte, entrando por Concretos Moldeados.
Campo Boscán, km 40 Vía Perija.
Lagunillas, Av. Intercomunal entre calles W y X, después del terminal de pasajeros.
San José de Perija, frente al Hotel San José.
Main Office:
Maracaibo Av 17 Los Haticos, antiguo Alfa frente a la iglesia La Milagrosa.
Updated on January 29 2020
Phones: (+58 261) 729 8949 / 729 8405 / 729 8708
CellPhones: (+58) 424 624 7835 / 424 692 3032
FAX: (+58 261) 723 1698
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