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More than two decades of continuous work give us the experience to perform any activity in this area. We have qualified personnel who receive continuous and updated training in order to be aware of all the new developments taking place in the sector. Also, we have a fleet of vehicles and machinery that is constantly renewed. Our business areas:

l Construction and Road Pavements.
l Environmental Sanitation.
l Blinding of Pits.
l Biodegradation.
l Construction of Locations and/or Clusters.

In order to carry out our work and in order to provide an effective response to our clients, we carry out prior technical reports aimed at maximizing work in terms of resource utilization and execution times. Our company does not neglect the intention to grow following criteria of social responsibility and respect for the environment.

The strategic location of our facilities provides convenient access by land and sea. The manufacture in workshop and assembly on site strengthens our operations for the execution of works Offshore. Since 2004 we have made several projects under norms and codes applicable allowing us to accumulate a wide experience; which allows us to offer services of:

l Procurement And Construction Of Crude Processing Plants, Flow Stations For Both New Projects And For Modifications And Extensions In Existing Installations.
l Manufacture of Pipelines and Gas Pipelines.
l Erection Of Crude Storage Tanks.
l Production Lines.
l Civil Construction, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation.
l Fiber Optic Communication Network.
l Installation of Crude Oil Heaters.
l Installation of Flares (Burners).

We have a multidisciplinary team with experience, composed of professionals and specialized technicians, as well as the tools and equipment for the execution of the works. This allows us to have operational flexibility, proven methods and procedures in project execution.

We are a company with a proven trajectory in the execution of works in different areas of services (civil, mechanical, earthmoving) and more recently we have resumed the activities in the area of electricity where we had in the year 1998. LATICON, S.A. is a company with personnel specialized in low, medium and high voltage which allows us to carry out all inspection, installation, maintenance, and repairs in the field of lines and equipment in low and medium voltage and distribution yards with voltages from 13.8 Up to 400 KV. We can intervene in this area: switchgear, sectioning cells, motor control center, power distribution boards, distribution yards and other equipment associated with electrical networks. Also we have a large stock of tools and equipment that allow us to carry out our work in the most efficient and appropriate manner, in addition to our customary response time oriented to the commissioning to give continuity as soon as possible to operations.

Brunch Offices:
Km. 7 Vía El Mojan, Zona Industrial Norte, entrando por Concretos Moldeados.
Campo Boscán, km 40 Vía Perija.
Lagunillas, Av. Intercomunal entre calles W y X, después del terminal de pasajeros.
San José de Perija, frente al Hotel San José.
Main Office:
Maracaibo Av 17 Los Haticos, antiguo Alfa frente a la iglesia La Milagrosa.
Updated on January 29 2020
Phones: (+58 261) 729 8949 / 729 8405 / 729 8708
CellPhones: (+58) 424 624 7835 / 424 692 3032
FAX: (+58 261) 723 1698
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